Stupidest Tattoo in the World

Ladies. Imagine you're at the bar. It's dark and some guy with thick glasses comes up to you and starts talking. You smile and upon closer inspection you notice that he doesn't have on any glasses. It's actually a tattoo. Yes a tattoo. What would you think?

If that girl with the 56 stars on her face wasn't stupid enough, someone managed to beat her out to take the top prize as the Stupidest Tattoo in the World.

What is the matter with these people? And don't they have any friends or family that will try to stop them from making such a big mistake?

Best Website to Watch Free TV Shows and Movies

Cancel your cable tv and return that PVR because I am about to reveal my favorite website on the internet. A site I have only came across a couple of months ago which has revolutionized the way I look at TV programming. This website will blow your mind in both quantity and quality and will save your money in the process.

Most Expensive Condo in Canada

The other day my brother and I drove by a property under construction in the Point Grey area of Vancouver. Once complete this property will become one of the most expensive in Canada, valued to be around $30m. That got me curious as to which is the most expensive condominium in Canada. Turns out it is also in Vancouver and is estimated to be worth $17m.

Funniest Tonight Show Segment: Universal Studios Free Photo Booth

These are clips from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where they do a bit in Universal Studios. They set up a free photo booth for unsuspecting tourists and the results are hilarious.

Easiest Card Trick In the Book: The Final 3

Ever wish you knew a cool card trick so that you can entertain your friends? One that involves really no special skill or magic but very impressive nonetheless? Well here's one you can easily master.

How to Get the Highest Credit Score for Yourself

Most people believe that if you always make your payments on time then you will have good credit.  This is not true.  The only thing that making your monthly payments on time does is ensure that your credit rating does not drop. Your credit is actually determined by more important factors. These factors are what I call long-run factors.

Best Optical Illusions Ever

Here are two cool tricks.

For the first one just stare at the cross in the middle long enough and you'll see a green dot appear. Stare longer and the all the purple dots will disappear leaving just a green dot. It's crazy!